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Harrier are (Left to Right):

Paul Farrington

Dave Deakin

Phil Sheldon

Lindon Ryles

Paddy O'Rourke




Latest News


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the  Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek on 7th February 2020 - it was a great night and we promise to round everyone up for another gig as soon as we can!


We do still have just a few more copies of the 2009 Reissue/Remaster of the "Out on the Street" EP available - get yours now while this very limited edition is still around.  We also have the full set from the 2009 "Live at Leek" concert still available - request those here.


If you are looking for the original vinyl versions of any of Harrier's recordings, please contact us because we have unearthed just a few of these in mint condition - these are very collectible now!