What's the Latest?

Still working on it.... 

Harrier is working on a retrospective album covering the complete history of the band which will include new recordings of original material, both previously released and unreleased songs only performed live over the last 40 years.  As you can imagine, this will take some time to collate, record and release, but the band has now recorded the core parts of 16 of our songs from the late 1970's through mid 1980's.  They will likely not all finish up on the vinyl or CD releases, but we will make sure they all become available online.  Keep checking out this website for status.


If you are looking for the original vinyl versions of any of Harrier's recordings there are a few new available on eBay (see below), or if you don't see what you want just contact us and we will check our personal archives!


We do still have just a few more copies of the 2009 Reissue /Remaster of the "Out on the Street" EP available - get yours now while this very limited edition is still around.  


We also have the 2009 "Live at Leek" CD still available - request those here.

In 1986, Harrier recorded two tracks for a Potteries Band compilation album called "To Boldly Go" - Leave Me Now and Kill 2 Birds (under the previous Cheater name).  We have a few of these, mint and unplayed, available for sale on eBay: 


Released in 1984.  This rare 7" 45RPM vinyl pressing contains two (Out on the Street, Nickels & Dimes) of the three tracks that also appeared on a 12" 33RPM EP released at the same time, but with a slightly different final mastering treatment.



There are not many of these 7" records on the market these days, with most buyers going with the 12" version (as was the trend of that time), so this is a rare opportunity to get yourself a unique piece of the Harrier back catalog.  Available on eBay: